Most Rev. Prof. (Dr.) R.B. Lal, Vice-Chancellor, SHUATS



Dr. (Mrs.) Sudha Lal, Director, Campus Ministry, SHUATS

Prof. (Dr.) S.B. Lal, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Administration), SHUATS

Prof. (Dr.) A.K.A. Lawrence, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (AA & QA), SHUATS

Prof. (Dr.) Sarvjeet Herbert, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (PMD), SHUATS

Prof. (Dr.) Robin L. Prasad, Registrar, SHUATS

Prof. (Dr.) Shailesh Marker, Director, Directorate of Research, SHUATS



Prof. (Dr.) P. W. Ramteke, Emeritus Professor, SHUATS



Prof. (Dr.) ir. Jonathan A. Lal, Dean, JIBB, SHUATS



Prof. (Dr.) Kapil Lawrence, Head, MCE, JIBB, SHUATS

Dr. Rajiv Kant, Head, CBBI, JIBB, SHUATS

Prof. (Dr.) George Thomas, MCE, JIBB, SHUATS

Dr. O.P. Verma, Associate Professor, MCE, JIBB, SHUATS



Dr. Vijay Tripathi, Assistant Professor, MCE, JIBB, SHUATS


Co-organizing Secretary


Dr. Pragati Misra, Assistant Professor, MCE, JIBB, SHUATS

Dr. Pooja Tripathi, Assistant Professor, CBBI, JIBB, SHUATS


Joint Secretary


Dr. Jishnu Naskar, Associate Professor, MCE, JIBB, SHUATS

Dr. Rohit Lall, Associate Professor, MCE, JIBB, SHUATS

Dr. Prashant A. Jain, Assistant Professor, CBBI, JIBB, SHUATS




Dr. Eapen Koshy, Assistant Professor, MCE, JIBB, SHUATS


Conference Secretary


Dr. Vijay Bahadur, Head, Department of Horticulture, SHUATS

Dr. Himanshu Pandey, Associate Professor, Department of P.S, SHUATS

Dr. Devi Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Horticulture, SHUATS

Dr. P. K. Shukla, Assistant Professor, Department of Basic Sciences, SHUATS

Dr. Vaibhav Saran, Assistant Professor, Department of Forensic Science, SHUATS

Er. Aditya Lal, Assistant Professor, Department of Food Process Engineering, SHUATS

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